Policy and Investment Prioritisation through Value Chain Analysis (PPVC)

A replicable, market-led, evidence-driven approach.

Introduction to PPVC

Agricultural value chains play a critical role in most developing countries and there is widespread agreement that agricultural transformation is needed for inclusive economic growth. Yet, the transformation agenda is made difficult in that the available public spending and private investments cannot fund all the critically needed developmental priorities. Many poorer nations face difficult trade-offs in light of continued fiscal pressure and rising debt, coupled with balancing complex and contrasting policy outcomes. How then should government ministries such as Ministries of Agriculture prioritize policies, investments and value chains to the benefit of its citizens to improve incomes, alleviate poverty and ensure food security?

The Bureau for Food and Agricultural Policiy (BFAP) and the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) have developed an approached referred to as Policy and Investment Prioritisation through Value chain analysis (PPVC).
The PPVC approach aims to:

  1. Provide governments with access to high-quality models, tools, and analytics based on credibly sourced and vigorously verified data for assessing Inclusive Agricultural Transformation (IAT) -related priorities and trade-offs associated with alternative policy, public investment, and value chain choices.
  2. Identify and prioritise value chains that can increase incomes, ensure food and nutrition security, attain higher agricultural GDP growth, create jobs and employment and other outcomes related to IAT.
  3. Prioritise and implement policies and public & private investments for upgrading the identified value chains.
PPVC Tools

The PPVC Tools

The PPVC Approach draws on a package of empirically-grounded tools designed to answer key questions at different stages of the policy and investment process. Follow the link below to see detailed discussions of the four tools employed in the PPVC Approach.

PPVC Resources


The PPVC Approach has been successfully rolled out in 4 Sub-Saharan African countries to date: Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia and Malawi. Have a look at the key outputs and milestones from these countries as well as our current engagements and activities within the programme.

PPVC Partners


The successful implementation and roll-out of the PPVC Approach depends on key partnerships and active collaboration with policy research institutes within the relevant roll-out countries. Capacity building and training within the collaborating research institutes is a key outcome of the PPVC Approach.

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